Disadvantages of a corporation

Do not Overuse Your Own Credit Card

Credit Cards

Do not Overuse Own Credit Card

Of course we should not have excessive credit card, do not be home to meet the space between our wallets so that looks a lot credit card, we accept every credit card companies that offer credit cards to us. The reason, of course, removing excessive annual fees, while also lure you to shop more. Basically the first person to use a rational reason to bring a credit card just to replace the cash carried in a wallet, so rather than every time we bring excessive cash so we use a credit card. So clearly the functions formerly more to make it easier to shop alone. Now with the shifting of time and changes in modern lifestyle, function as a card to credit card debt is also unavoidable. My message only if you owe may well okay but look at all your abilities and make plans and priorities do not buy something just for a moment lifestyle, but did buy the goods you need. You can have a credit card 2 pieces with the monthly due date is different, in order to facilitate your financial arrangements.

Do not withdraw cash with your Credit Card

If you shop using a credit card then the interest will begin to be calculated on the due date of credit card and you do not pay it in full. Meanwhile, by taking cash from an ATM machine, so when you take the cash, then when it started to flower also calculated and certainly very high interest rates about 4 – 4.5% per month or it could reach 54% per year. Of course, the manager of a credit card also has considered the factors kerugiaan if any customer credit card defaulters do not pay or obscure alias, so that loans without collateral is what makes the interest charged is also high. So do not take cash from your credit card.

My Own Business: What type of company should I Register?

type of companyCORPORATIONS
A corporation, governed by the laws of the state that has established its headquarters, is considered by law as an entity separate and apart from their owners. A corporation may be subject to payment of taxes, be sued and to establish contractual agreements. The owners of a corporation are its shareholders, who elect the board members to oversee the major policies and decisions of the company. The corporation has a life of its own and does not dissolve in case they change owners.

Advantages of a corporation.
* The shareholders have limited liability with respect to debts or judgments against the corporation.
* Generally, shareholders are only responsible for the investment in company stock. (However, it is important to note that managers may be subject to liability for their actions, and not withhold and pay employee taxes).
* Corporations can raise additional capital through the sale of shares.
* A corporation can deduct the cost of benefits (benefits package) that provides its managers and employees.
* If you meet certain requirements, may be inclined to declare as an S corporation This selection allows the company to be subject to a tax similar to that of a society.

Disadvantages of a corporation
* The process of incorporation requires more time and money than other forms of organization.
* Corporations are monitored and subject to rules of entities: federal, state and some local, and therefore may have to meet many more requirements and administrative documents to demonstrate compliance.
* The incorporation of a company could result in paying more taxes. Dividends paid to shareholders are not deductible as a business expense, so that such income may be subject to double taxation.